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Ginger’s Use for Nausea Caused by Chemotherapy

Ginger is a natural remedy for nausea and vomiting. Ginger works to help with nausea by facilitating the release of saliva and digestive juices, which calms the stomach.  


Nausea after chemotherapy is common. Ginger may be useful in helping to reduce this nausea. A study of 100 women undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer was divided into two groups.

The first group took ginger and anti-nausea medication. The second group took only anti-nausea medicines. The research concluded that the women who took the ginger had reduced nausea during a 6 to 24 hours after chemotherapy.

Research has proven that ginger is an effective natural remedy to aid in reducing nausea due to anesthesia used during surgery as well as for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.

A more extensive study published in Supportive Care in Cancer conducted clinical trials in several of their cancer centers. A total of 576 cancer patients were given three capsules of ginger a day in various amounts or a placebo three days before chemotherapy.  

The results showed that taking .05g to 1g of ginger in the days before receiving chemotherapy reduced the severity of acute nausea.  

Another study reported by Medical News Today involving 644 cancer patients took varying doses of ginger three days before and three days after chemotherapy treatments to help with nausea.  

Patients reported their nausea level from 1-7, with one being no nausea and seven being severe. Results indicated that those who took the even the lowest amounts of ginger (.05g to 1g) of ginger a day reported a nausea level of 1 or two compared to other groups.  

Studies results vary, but there is evidence that ginger can reduce the discomfort of nausea felt during chemotherapy.

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