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Ginger and Motions Sickness

by Jason Martin 29 May 2020 0 Comments

Motion sickness can affect your quality of life, whether you are traveling by boat, plane, or car.  Taking anti-nausea medications such as Dramamine can help, but they have adverse side effects which prevents you from enjoying yourself at your destination.  An alternative to drugs that help with motion sickness is ginger.  

Scientists are not sure exactly what causes motion sickness, and studies have shown that people who get migraines appear to be more susceptible to motion sickness than those who do not.

Motion Sickness

Scientists has been studying ginger and its usefulness in helping relieve nausea due to motion sickness across the globe.

Danish scientists took 80 sailors that were prone to seasickness and that were not used to rough waters. The sailors received either a placebo or 1 gram of ginger.  During the next 4 hours at sea, the sailors who took ginger had a reduced tendency to vomit or have cold sweats.

Another study used a spinning chair to mimic motion sickness.  Participants took either ginger, dimenhydrinate, or a placebo.  Participants who took ginger lasted several minutes longer in the chair (approximately 5.5 min out of 6 minutes in the chair).  The participants who took dimenhydrinate or the placebo only lasted 3.5 to 1.5 minutes.  The group that received the placebo experienced vomiting.  


Vertigo is the sensation that the environment around you is spinning.  Ginger may also help with alleviating the dizzy feeling of the condition.

In one controlled study, participants went into a room that simulated vertigo.  Given either a ginger supplement or a placebo, the groups had to undergo the simulation three times. Ginger significantly reduced vertigo in the participants compared to those in the placebo group. 

Although study results vary, ginger has proven to be effective in treating nausea that is related to motion sickness.  

If you are taking medications, consult your physician before using ginger to make sure it does not affect your medications. 

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