ginger lollipop
ginger lollipop
ginger lollipop
ginger lollipop

Ginger Flower Power Pop (3-pack)

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Little Steven's Underground Apothecary has created a delicious way to take Wakaya Ginger with you on the go: our Ginger Flower Power Pop!

Our pops provide wellness and flavor in a convenient, handmade lollipop ready for you whenever you need it. Ginger Flower Power Pops are not only a tasty treat but will help boost your immune system.

Our zesty, sweet, organic Fijian Ginger holistically helps ease nausea, soothes your sore throat and provides a high level of antioxidant protection.

Flower Power Pops are great on their own, or stir them into Little Steven's Underground Apothecary teas for an extra burst of flavor.

Ginger Flower Power Pop Ingredients:

Organic ginger
Organic raw cane sugar
Clover honey
Filtered water
Ginger powder
Black pepper
Coconut extract

Historically, ginger has been used to:

  • Relieve nausea, upset stomach, bloating, gas, motion sickness, morning sickness
  • Treat cough, colds, flu, bronchitis, respiratory infections
  • Suppress cancer growth
  • Reduce inflammation and decrease muscle soreness
  • Combat arthritis, chest, menstrual and low back pain

Wakaya Perfection ginger is comprised of 100% precious root material. It is single-sourced from family farms, hand planted, hand harvested, grown exclusively in virgin volcanic soil and irrigated with nothing but pure rainwater. Never flash-dried. Always perfect.

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