About Us

Wakaya Perfection was founded by David Gilmour, a globally renowned serial entrepreneur who also founded Barrick Gold and FIJI Water.

Wakaya Perfection is a mission-driven wellness enterprise that began on David's private island in Fiji; Wakaya Island -- a 2,200-acre paradise in the Fiji archipelago.

The team discovered that on Wakaya Island, essential root products grow better in volcanic nutrient-rich soil. The rich soil of Wakaya nourishes our proprietary root stock, which are exclusively hand planted and hand harvested using all organic methods, and irrigated with only pure rainwater, the same pure rainwater that ends up in FIJI Water bottles!

David's passion for innovation has since led the Wakaya Perfection Team to find additional unique sources to grow our volcanic single-origin wellness products, including Tonga, Nicaragua and Peru.

The Wakaya Perfection collection, which started solely with its ginger and turmeric grown on Wakaya Island, has now expanded to many other products, which all have very essential health and wellness benefits. 

Thank you for becoming a part of the Wakaya Perfection family, and please remember, Your Health is Your Wealth!

To your health,
-David H. Gilmour