Wakaya Perfection 4-pack Fijian Teas with Kava Tea Sampler

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Rare, Powerful & Effective Organic Teas
The powerful anti-inflammatory and healing properties of ginger and turmeric in four carefully blended aromatic and powerful teas made from organic spices that are hand-cultivated in nutrient-rich volcanic soil in Fiji. Used through the ages to ease cold and flu symptoms, reduce inflammation and to help boost the immune system. These exquisite organic tea blend are wellness, perfected.

100% USDA Organic & Kosher Certified

What You Get

Collection Set: 1 tin of organic Fijian ginger tea, 1 tin of organic Fijian turmeric & ginger tea, 1 tin of organic Fijian ginger & black tea, 1 tin of Fijian turmeric & black tea + our all new Fijian kava tea sampler


Turmeric & Ginger
* Helps Immune & Digestive System
* Supports Healthy Joints & Brain Function
* Helps Reduce Inflammation
* Promotes Cardiovascular Health
May help with reducing nausea associated with motion and pregnancy

* Helps Promote All Natural Quality Sleep
* Has Been Known to Ease Anxiety & Combat Depression
* May improve mood symptoms associated with menopause