kava lollipop
kava lollipop
kava lollipop
kava lollipop

Kava Flower Power Pop (3-pack)

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Our kava is known for its relaxing, conscious-shifting properties.

Little Steven's Underground Apothecary has created a delicious new way to take kava with you on the go: our Kava Flower Power Pop!

This flavorful, handcrafted lollipop incorporates our sublime kava, which may make your mouth tingle while filling you with a soothing sense of calm. Flower Power Pops are great on their own, and we also recommend stirring them into Little Steven's Underground Apothecary teas for an added burst of flavor.

Wakaya Perfection kava is comprised of 100% precious root material. It is single-sourced from family farms, hand planted, hand harvested, grown exclusively in virgin, volcanic soil and irrigated with nothing but pure rainwater. Never flash-dried. Always perfect.

Kava Flower Power Pop ingredients:
Organic raw cane sugar
Clover honey
Filtered water
Organic kava
Cardamom powder
Clove powder
Vanilla extract

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